Weekly League

The weekly league will be available to all players in the ecosystem, regardless of their rarity as long as they have their team in training mode.
Registration: Registration will be open every Monday in a certain time slot. After the registration time, the accumulated prizes for the winners will be announced.
Exemplification of a Total Collected:
Places (1 al 100)
% de Distribution
1° Place
USD 6.000
2° Place
USD 4.000
3° Place
USD 3.000
4° a 10 ° Places
USD 2.000
11° a 30° Places
USD 3.000
31° a 100° Places
USD 2.000
Note: From 4th to 100th place, players will split the total pot. For example, from 4th to 10th place, $2,000 will be split between the 7 players
All player earnings will go to the Rewards Claim.


The games will be 3 sets where each set will be defined as the best of 3 games.
Each player must play a total of 5 daily games, where each one will add or subtract points to your score according to the result, as follows:
  • Result 2 sets to 0: +3 points for the winner / -3 points for the loser
  • Result 2 sets to 1: +2 points for the winner / -1 point for the loser.
  • Abandoned game: +3 points for the winner / -2 points for the abandoner.
  • Unplayed match: -2 points for each unplayed daily match
The position table will be available in real time, and at the end of the week, the winners will be reflected in the ranking.

What happens if more than one player gets the same score at the end of the week?

In the event that there are teams tied in points at the end of the league, the teams with the least Total ID in their NFTs will have an advantage.

How does ID works?

Each NFT has an unique ID, the lower the ID of each of your gestures, the more chances you have to climb to the top.

Let's look at a simple example:

Player "X" is in first place with 70 points and his NFTs add up to 50,000 in ID (Rock ID 10,000, Paper ID 15,000, Scissor ID 25,000). Player "Y" is in first place with 70 points and his NFTs total 70,000 in ID (Rock ID 10,000, Paper ID 25,000, Scissor ID 35,000). Player X will go to first place, and player Y will be in second place.
It is very important to play the 5 daily games, otherwise, 2 points will be deducted for each daily game not played.