You are in front of the official document of the first League of Rock, Paper or Scissors in the Blockchain world.
RPS League is an NFT game based on the famous and seminal game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Here you can compete in weekly leagues for great prizes, enter the betting spaces against real players, try to play for nice jackpots, play in the win to earn and much more.

Our basic rules are:

  • Respect other participants
  • Be responsible with yourself
  • Be a good winner and a good loser
  • Never stop trying.

How to take part?

To participate you must have a team of 3 cards that will make up your rock, paper or scissors. With this basic kit obtained through the opening of one of our boxes you will be able to enter 5 of the 6 available game modes and to use the gestures strategically to win the games of this wonderful game of probability.