Each hand will have a rarity, and each team will define its level depending on:
  • Predominance: two or more hands of the same rarity.
  • Intermediate rarity: if the team is made up of three hands of different levels, the rarity of the team will be defined by the intermediate level of the three of them.

Percentage/scarcity of each rarity:

  • Common/Common: Human (55%)
  • Uncommon/UnCommon: Skeleton (25%)
  • Rare/Rare: Zombie (10%)
  • Legendary/Legendary: Alien (8%)
  • Mythical/Mythical: Robot (2%)

Depending on the rarity of your team, you will access different benefits:

  • Energies: The number of daily games each rarity level can play in PVE (see more under Energies)
  • Advantage in the tie in PVE mode: In case two players get the same gesture, the Legendary and Mythical Level will have an advantage over the lower ones, therefore they will win the hand.
For example: Common Level rolls stone and Uncommon Level rolls stone, the hand will be replayed to break the tie. Instead; Common Level rolls stone and Legendary Level rolls stone, the hand will be won by the Legendary Level (this tiebreaker only applies to PVE mode). See more in PVE Mode​
Note that you can level up the rarity of your hands through the acquisition of certain accessories. See more in Accessories​

Pure teams

Pure Teams Pure teams will be those that have all 3 hands of the same rarity. These teams will have the additional benefit of being able to access the Race League. See more in League of Races.