The Airdrop will be delivered to those who have RPS League NFT's on hold at the time of the Snapshot.
For each hand, they will receive corresponding tokens according to each rarity:
  • Common: 50 $RPS
  • Uncommon: 63 $RPS
  • Rare: 93 $RPS
  • Legendary: 125 $RPS
  • Mythic: 333 $RPS
It is very important to have in mind that you must have at least 3 NFT's (Rock, Paper and Scissors) to be able to receive the Airdrop.
Let's see an example with a wallet with 4 hands in Hold:
  • Common Hand Paper
  • Uncommon Hand Paper
  • Legendary Hand
  • Stone Mythical
  • Scissor Hand
In this case, they will not receive tokens for the 4 hands, but only for 3 of them, simulating an already formed team. The NFTs less rare will not count, giving the benefit to the higher rarity hands.
  • Uncommon Hand Paper: 63 $RPS
  • Legendary Hand Stone: 125 $RPS
  • Mythical Scissor Hand: 333 $RPS
Total Airdrop for this example: 521 $ RPS
It will have Vesting for 3 months (12 weeks), with partial weekly deliveries.
  • Week 1: 43 $RPS
  • Week 2: 43 $RPS
  • Week 3: 43 $RPS
  • Week 4: 43 $RPS
  • Week 5: 43 $RPS
And so on until the 12 weeks are completed ...
Finally and continuing with the example, it is important to clarify that the oracle will deliver the amount of dollars equivalent to 43 $RPS, taking into account the value of the $RPS at the time of the Snapshot.

Conditions to be a beneficiary:

  • Have 3 or more Hands in HOLD.
  • Join Discord and have a Role of NFT Holder.
We will publish how much corresponds to each Holder after taking the Snapshot on the agreed day and time previously announced in our announcement channel.
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