This game mode works really similar as the PVP in $RPS, that means that there are betting groups where you can play in real time against players from all over the world and bet, but in this case using $BNB instead of $RPS.

What do I need to play?

Unlike the rest of the game modes, you won't need NFTs here, and bets will be placed in $BNB.
At the beginning of the match, RPS League will deliver a team of hands for each player that will be off chain, that is, they will not be NFTs but will only be temporary cards to play the matches exclusively in this game mode. They cannot be used in PVE or for the rest of the competitions, nor can they be sold in the marketplace.
Apuesta Mínima por Jugador (en $BNB)
Premio Total (en $BNB)
10 USD
10 USD
20 USD
20 USD
40 USD
30 USD
60 USD
50 USD
100 USD
RPS League retains 10% of the total pot, of which 5% will be hold in $BNB and the other 5% will be used to buy $RPS, which together will serve to add liquidity to the $BNB/$RPS pair.