Each team of 3 hands (Rock, Paper and Scissors), will have energies according to its rarity.
  • Common: 8 Energies
  • Uncommon: 10 Energies
  • Rare: 12 Energies
  • Legendary: 14 Energies
  • Mythic: 16 Energies
In case that a player has more than one team, will get energy for each of them.
For example, a player who has the following NFT's:
  • 3 Common hands
  • 3 Rare hands
  • 3 Mythical hands
Suppose that each team is like the following way:
  • Team 1: Common Rock / Rare Paper / Rare Scissors
  • Team 2: Rare Rock / Common Paper / Mythical Stone
  • Team 3: Mythical Rock / Mythical Paper / Common Scissors
This would be the best distribution to have the most amount of energy. To be able to use all the energies of the 3 teams, you must be in training mode.
Remember that while the team is training (for a week, fifteen days, or a month) depending on what the player chooses the team will be available for playing. Keep in mind that the biweekly training cost will be cheaper than weekly, and monthly, cheaper than biweekly.
From the "My team" section, you will have all your NFTs listed. You will have to select 3 of them, name your team, pay the cost of training and they will be ready to play.
Something important is that the equipment cannot be modified while you are training. So you have to think very well about the assembly strategy, more than anything, taking into account the League of Races.
In the case of the example that we have mentioned, we will not be able to play the League of Races, because we do not have any pure team. In other words, we maximize the amount of energy, leaving aside the possibility of playing the League of Races. This is on to each player.
The energies of each team will be the following:
  • Team 1: Rare Level - 12 energies
  • Team 2: Rare Level - 12 energies
  • Team 3: Mythic Level - 16 energies
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