Each team of 3 hands (Rock, Paper and Scissors), will have daily energies to play in PVE mode according to their rarity.
  • Human Team (Common): 8 daily energies
  • Skeleton Team (Uncommon): 10 daily energy
  • Zombie Team (Rare): 12 Daily Energy
  • Alien Team (Legendary): 14 daily energy
  • Robot Team (Mythical): 16 daily energy
Each team must be in 'training' mode to be able to activate the energies and access a certain game mode such as PVE or weekly leagues (note that the leagues do not discount energies but the team must be training to enter).
You can choose training plans of 7 days, 15 days, or 30 days (keep in mind that the cost of biweekly training will be cheaper than weekly, and monthly, cheaper than biweekly).

How do I start training my team to play?

From the "My team" section, you will have all your NFTs listed. You must select 3 of them (one for each gesture that makes up your Rock, Paper, Scissors team). Then you can name your team, and then select the desired training mode to activate your daily energies by paying the fee in $RPS.
Note: Equipment cannot be changed while you are training. So you have to think carefully about the assembly strategy, taking into account the rarity that will be formed depending on the selection of your cards, the energies that you will achieve and the possibility of forming a pure team to enter the League of Races.

How do I earn my daily rewards?

To claim your daily rewards, you must earn at least 50% of the daily Energies/Matches. Otherwise, that day you will not get rewards.
Next, we leave you a table with the minimum Energies/Matches that each rarity must earn in order to claim the daily rewards that will come out of the Perpetual Pool.