After carrying out endless tests to find the best possible scenario for the welfare of the game as well as for the usefulness of the players, our team solved and developed the following methodology for the Claim of Rewards.
The fee for cash out remains at 0% after 15 days as before, but in case of not withdrawing after the 16th, it rises again with the same criteria that it had lowered. Claims can be made every 36 hours.
The Claim on day 1 starts at 80% and will go down as follows:
  • Day 1 to 5: 10% daily reduction
  • Day 6 to 15: 3% daily reduction
At this point the withdrawal fee on day 15 remains at 0%, but if the user does not withdraw:
  • Day 16 to 25: 3% daily additional
  • Day 26 to 30: 10% daily additional